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Smokey Eyes & Other Trends Making a Statement in 2021

The reasons to wear smokey eyes in 2020 were little. It became easy to not wear makeup since you really couldn’t go anywhere. Across the cities of Miami were lockdowns. Various laws put in place barred people from going to places. 

2021 is a new year, which means new makeup trends. Roman Color is here to give you advice and let you know what the new trends are so you can bring in 2021 with new beautiful makeup looks. 

Reasons to get back in putting on smokey eyes in 2021

In 2021, we don’t have to be discouraged about the circumstances of 2020 that didn’t allow us to break out our favorite makeup products. We had fashion shows held virtually, and the pandemic made people creative. People designed new ways to fit their masks with their dress and makeup in a fashionable way. Moreso, there will be lesser restrictions on movements in 2021 than in 2020.

Makeup trends to watch out for in 2021

Health was a major focus in 2020. And 2021 will also follow such a path; the focus will be on a makeup look that is simple and clean, with hydrated and natural skin. As predicted by Bobbi Brown pro artist Hollie Ellis.

We will still be wearing masks in 2021, and our eyes will always be imminent and uncovered. Using our favorite makeup products will still make sense. The smokey eye makeup will be back and will fit perfectly for this in 2021. And even if the mask covers your lips, the bold lip makeup style will fit perfectly for that.

Some of the biggest makeup trends that will fit the lifestyle of 2021

  • Smokey eyes
  • Paint your upper eyelids with deep grey or navy shadows. In the Chanel fashion show, matte finishes were used. A shimmery finish or a glossy texture could be used to create a bold outlook.

  • Brow fun
  • Another rising trend that will be in 2021 is making creative styles on the eyebrows. From having a feathery style to making slits or compartments across the outer edges of the eyebrows. These new styles were the center of attention at the last SS21 shows.

  • Red Hot
  • Red lips makeup has always been with us and will be needed more than ever at this present time, where we wear masks often.

    Red lips are hard to fade and retain their tone for long. They give advantage for the gradual fading of makeup paints caused by continual removing and putting on face masks during the day. Just make sure you get the right makeup products.

  • Radiant Glow
  • The year 2020 made us health-focused, and in no way are we not going to make it a daily habit in 2021.

    Staying hydrated, eating veggies and fruits, and having some time under the sun are good ways to keep a naturally glowing skin.

  • The ’80s is back
  • The pandemic still presents in 2021 means that we are still going to spend more time at home. The striking and happy look of the ‘80s is back makeup is a perfect makeup product to have. It can be worn at home and in casual places when we visit friends.

  • Juicy skin
  • People took on the juicy skin at the S/S 21 shows. This skin regimen will be popular in 2021.

  • Berry nice
  • Are you hanging out more in 2021? Berry-colored lipstick will be best. Blotting out and applying it at the center of your lips gives an attractive, focused look. 

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