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How To Apply Makeup Depending on Your Skin Undertones!

There’s a very good chance you’re wearing the wrong foundation. Not to make you worry, but here’s a helpful tip! Know your skin undertones. This will help make the choice of what foundation you NEED to be using vs. picking out a random one and hope it works. Roman Color helps you with your choice to find what you need in Puerto Rico.

Your Skin Undertones?

How do you find out what your skin undertone is? You must know that it’s different from your actual skin tone. It’s actually what you see in the mirror, the color of light, medium, or dark, and anywhere in between. People typically know where they fall on that spectrum.

However, your undertone is under your skin that casts a tone. Skin tones will change through the seasons with sun exposure or lack thereof. Which is why there are products for summer and winter foundations. But undertone stays the same no matter what!

There are three options of undertones and what you fall under: warm, cool, and neutral.

Different Tones

  • Warm Undertone: If you notice the underlying colors in your skin tend to be yellow, gold, or peach color. This means you're warm!
  • Cool Skin: You have hints of blue or red under your skin. 
  • Neutral: This means you’re a bit of both warm and cool!

If you have cool tones, then look for foundations with the indicating letter C, usually marked on the packaging. The same goes for warm and neutral undertones. W and N are marked.

Other methods include this option if you can’t determine what tone you are. Try on some jewelry! First, pull out silver and gold necklaces or bracelets. Which one looks better on you? Does the silver seem more at ease on you, or does the gold? Ask someone else to help.

If it’s silver, you have cool undertones! If it’s gold, you're warm. If you can’t notice the difference between the two and others can’t either, congrats! You're neutral. 

Another helpful tip is to grab a white shirt or dress and stand in the natural light. Wear it or hold it to your face. If you notice your skin is rosy, you are cool toned. If you notice you’re a bit more yellow, you’re warm. If you don’t see either, you’re neutral. 

This one might seem strange, but crossing your eye will help. Swipe a little of each foundation on your skin of different undertones.Cross your eyes to blur your vision and whatever swipe disappears, it means it’s natural for your skin. Other shades that stand out are not a good color for you.

The most popular tip is veins! Check out your veins in your wrist and see what color they are. If they’re blue or purple, you’re cool. If they’re more green, you’re warm. If there is a mix between the two, you’re neutral.

Still Unsure?

Reach out to us at Roman Color and we’ll help you find your skin undertones. We aid Puerto Rico with all our quality services, just give us a call today!

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