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Red Nail Polish & Other Colors That Will Be A Hit in 2021

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we get our nails done this past year. And looking ahead into this coming year, most nail salons are still closed and some have tentatively opened, leaving us with a few choices but not much. Gaining in popularity though is DIY nail trends and art, along with press-on nails. Most people are doing their own nails at home now, and it’s opening up a whole new market on polishes and colors this year, and may be giving red nail polish a run for it’s money.

Knockout Nail Colors of 2021

Red nail polish is as old as time it seems, always having a presence in every fashion style around, and 2021 is no different. This coming year, though, we’ll see an increase in deep red as opposed to the glossy, bright red of former years. Look for the burnt burgundy and rich Bordeaux colors as either a stand alone color or as a defining color to a nail art.

The French manicure has also come back these past few years, but with a slight twist. A lot of people are utilizing the style, but updating the color with richer, bolder colors such as yellow, burgundy or green instead of the white tip. Adding that flair at the end of the nail is gaining popularity and with many different colors out there to try, the possibilities are endless with the French manicure. 

Muted, milky nude shades and colors are sweeping across a lot of DIY nails. Whether you choose the color by itself or with a style or art to it, natural nudes are a sure thing in 2021. The sleek, elegant look goes with any outfit (or mask!) or skin tone, so it’s perfect for those times when you just want to color your nails and go. To take the shade a step further, accent with gold color for an even more prestigious look. 

Move Over, Red Nail Polish

Brown is the new black this year, as brown nail polish was a quiet hit in the fall of 2020, and only seems to be gaining popularity as time goes by. A great beige, a sumptuous toffee or a deep mahogany will keep your nails happy and classy. Also be on the lookout for navy blue colors to increase in 2021. These colors have been garnering attention since Chanel released the color Rhythm, a deep navy blue that has trendsetters asking for more. 

Blueish grey is hitting the streets as a new big nail polish color this coming year too. The muted tone of the grey brings the color down so it doesn’t stand out too much, but still has that pop of the blue to draw attention. The almost steel color can go with differing outfits as well, and can be applied as a matte or glossy color, giving it an extra edge. 

Darker greens are gaining traction from last year. While some shades may be on the lighter spectrum, beauty tipsters feel that the deeper greens, like forest green, will garner the most attention in 2021. Be on the lookout for yellow, especially mustard yellow, to edge onto the nail color scene. It’s a color that’s a staple in the spring and summer, but beauty experts feel that the more muted tones of a darker yellow will be a winner in any season this year. 

Glitter isn’t just for kids! Glitter is also making a comeback as a great way to add a little flair to your at-home nail colors while not having to be an expert at accessorizing. Adding a little glitter can help pop your color out more and keep things interesting. 

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