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Fall in Love With Red Lipstick for Valentine's Day

Red is the ultimate color of passion and love. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than vamping up your look with a stunning red lipstick? Everyone wants to snag the latest colors and styles this coming year, but red is here to stay. Whether you’re in Puerto Rico or Minnesota, having your lip color and finish down for heart day is a necessity. Don’t know which shade to go with though? We’ve got the tips and tricks below to nail the look, along with where to buy makeup online so you’re ready for any romance that evening. Roman Color is the place to go for top notch makeup and supplies, securing your look while also staying within your budget. 

Which Shade, Which Skin Color?

A lot of beauty specialists say the darker the skin color, the lighter the shade of lip color. If you have a neutral, tanned or darker complexion, warm orange-reds may pop better on your skin than traditional red hues, while blue-red lip color stands out smoother and less forced with cooler, paler skin tones. But, listen to your heart and try out a few colors that speak to you, and see which one looks the best for your skin.  

Sometimes the red lip color can take away some of your natural glow, so you may need to apply blush to keep your skin looking even and luscious. Sometimes red lip color on top of a lot of other heavy or bright colors may seem a little overwhelming too, so be sure to keep the rest of your look on the mild side. Smokey eyes or neutral colors can give you elegance you want without looking like you overdid it. 

The latest fashion specialists are feeling that red is going to last through this year as far as upcoming beauty trends. But most likely, the shade of red is going to be a darker, bolder color such as burgundy or cabernet to set the tone of your Valentine’s Day. If you like getting your nails done, you can even compliment your lips with nails to match! If you buy makeup online, you may even be able to find matching shades for both lips and nails. 

Red Lipstick Choices

You may have settled on a shade of red, but the makeup isn’t complete yet. Are you wanting a bold, sophisticated, matte or a shiny, brazen gloss? Most matte lip colors are great for all-day wear, so if you have an all day date with your Valentine, this one will last all the way into the night. The glossy look might accommodate a simple dinner date easier, but if you don’t mind reapplying that gloss to keep the glamour going, by all means, keep it going! If you wanted to add a really special sparkle, you can also get a lip color with glitter in it, just for the perfect Valentine’s Day shimmer. 

Make sure you nail the look completely by applying your lipstick the right way. Start by closing your mouth, as this is the easiest way to see the shape of the mouth. Tap the lipstick onto your lips, especially for the bolder red hues, to keep it more natural in appearance and not looking overdone or over-applied. If you have lips on the thinner side, apply the lipstick directly without lip liner. Press the stick into the corners of your mouth to give it a bolder, more worn-in look. If you’re really feeling bold with your red hues, applying lipstick with your finger can help give it a melted effect as well. 

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