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Tips For A Natural Look Using Makeup!

As we all now depend on Zoom and video chat to connect with friends and conduct work meetings, one hurdle to cross is to look professional with wet hair and blotchy post-shower skin. While working from home means that a lot of people are off the hook appearance-wise and many of us assumed that it would be plain (makeup-free) sailing from here on out, it’s still important to look professional when talking to important clients on the screen. Moreover, a little bit of self-maintenance every morning can make you feel more put-together and can go a long way. Read on to learn more about some natural looks that require minimal effort and makeup so that you'll be looking fresh for Zoom meetings in no time. Roman Color is a top wholesale makeup provider based in Puerto Rico. Call Roman Color to order makeup products today!

Makeup Tips For Natural Looks!

Barely-there, natural-looking makeup is always in fashion. But it can take just a bit of effort; switching up your usual approach and using a lighter touch (alongside a lot of blending):

  • Washing- Makeup artists typically use just a little product and apply it lightly to the skin, blending a lot as they go. It’s how they can create a glowing base that doesn’t look cakey and looks like skin. For an “I woke up like this” glow, have a solid skincare routine. Wash your face using a gentle soap and flannel. Don’t use exfoliant in the mornings since it may redden your complexion. Moisturize with a pea-size amount, as you want to make sure your skin is soft and hydrated but isn’t greasy.
  • Foundation- If you have clear skin, use a tinted moisturizer to warm up your complexion. If you prefer more coverage, however, apply foundation but only to the places you feel are problematic or over pigmented in order to get good coverage without the cakey finish. No matter what you use, be sparse and blend, blend, blend.
  • Concealer- Apply concealer sparingly with a small brush to problem areas in a method called micro concealing. For dark circles, swipe the brush under your eyes, then pat with a finger to blend.

Makeup Products For A Natural Look

  • Powder- To get rid of shine, use a large brush and powder that matches your skin tone in order to dust all over. Don’t use bronzer, as you want to emphasize your natural colouring
  • Blush- Use a cream blush that is soft in color and as close to your natural cheek “blush” as possible. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, exactly where you would naturally flush, and blend until it looks natural. You can put some on your lips to enhance their natural pigment.
  • Eyes- Curling the eyelashes can be enough, but if you do like a little more definition, try and use a thin-wand mascara comb right through the lashes.
  • Eyebrows- Heavy eyebrows are one of the biggest giveaways of this look; go  for something without a strong line and blend sparingly for some shape.

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