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Health and beauty products are ever increasing in cost these days. But being a fashionista shouldn’t break the bank! There are so many styles out there that are sure to please, and something for every budget. COVID-19 also brought upon a new era of nail techniques and styles, forcing a lot of people to do their own nails at home with nail salons closed down for the majority of the year. There was also a surge in press-on nail sales, showing that even when you’re strapped for time and can’t get to a nail salon, there’s always something available for you. Ready to find out the latest and greatest in upcoming styles and how to get your nails on it? Keep reading and see where to go for the best affordable nail polishes online!

What’s Trending Now

There’s going to be a ton of new fashions and styles for nail polishes, colors and art this coming year. Many of it is completely new to beauty artists, who predicted a lot of differing styles than what was coming this past year and now looking into the future. One of those styles is using your nails for personal statements. People are wanting to express themselves more and more, and what better way than your hands? Stick on lettering and calligraphy are going to be on the rise this year as people will use it on their fingers in a variety of ways, to spelling their name to standing up for justice. If you don’t trust your own penmanship to write on your nails, using stick on letters works just as well, and the fonts available are only going to increase as well. And this style is relatively cheap when using press-on nails and if able, painting the letters yourself with a fine-tipped brush.

Embellished and pre-painted press-on nails are making a huge comeback these past few years, and for good reason: they’re more inexpensive if done at home, but still has a great salon look and quality. Last year, a lot of people would purchase them with the artists making the embellishments and then sending them to the client, but it looks like this year, a lot of people are going to go the DIY route, which also saves money. Depending on your artistic flair, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, including more or less pre-embellished and pre-painted so you can go wild at home or stick to the basics of pressing them on.

Negative space nail art is gaining popularity as well. Not knowing the next time you can visit a salon puts a damper on visits, and may make you revisit whether to go or not. But with negative space nail art, the trips to the nail salon can be extended, saving you money and time. The negative space on your nail allows for a peekaboo effect of the natural nail. This style extends the life of the nail over time, allowing you to take up to five weeks off before coming in for another style. And there are many ways of creating a negative space nail art at home, saving you even more money and time. 

Minimal nail art is similar to negative space in that it doesn’t take up the entire nail, allowing you the same affordable techniques. It’s also a great way for people just starting to do their own nails at home to get something cute, trendy, quick and affordable in no time. And it also doesn’t require a lot of techniques and colors, just some simple curves and angled lines, with a couple different shades of colors and that’s it.    

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