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The Best Nail Polish Color For This Summer 2020!

A lot of summer plans may not be happening, but don’t cancel the best nail season of the year just yet. Warmer days ahead mean bold, bright nails, and having some pretty nails can help hold you over until we’re able to enjoy our fullest warm weather lives again. It’s all about the little things, no? From upgrading your go-to neutral manicure for the upcoming season to playing with bold neon colors, our summer nail polish list will cover all the bases! To get a total inside scoop on what shades are trending, our firm talked to top nail salons. We know that nature is in: earth tones, flower-inspired shades, and pastels are going to be right at our fingertips this season! Read on to learn more about some top nail polish color trends summer 2020. Roman Color is a top wholesale makeup provider. If you’re looking for nail polish online, call Roman Color at our Miami office today!

Nail Polish Color Trends For Summer 2020

  • Smoky gray (our Mikimaus)- A lot of people want to keep things simple while nail salons are closed, but now’s the time to give a twist to boring. Our smoky gray Mikimaus nail color will be a great change of pace from your normal nude and pastel pink polishes. This color is a fantastic alternative to the traditional nude, as it’s not a typical brown or pinky nude, and can be a great transformer with different nail shapes and lengths. It’s hip, provocative, and modern, without drawing too much attention.
  • Fiery red (Fiera)- With all that being said, doesn’t this gorgeous fiery red from our inventory look like it was plucked from a flourishing floral garden? The sparkly warmth of this bright red shade  is the summer version of the oxblood manicure so popular in the wintertime. And who doesn’t like a little extra va-va-va voom in the summertime?

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  • Bronze yellow (our Cleopatra)- A yellow manicure gives you that little bit of sunshine everybody needs in their life right now. Moreover, bronze is always a hot color for summer, and our Cleopatra nail polish is that perfect in-between shade for a fun yet edgy feel that people are looking for.
  • Sky blue (our Celeste)- Brilliant skies are something summer is known for, and with all the time we spend in our homes this summer, a reflection of what is possible in the outside world is a good reminder when we look down at our nails.
  • Bright pink (our Neon Rosado)- Summer is the time for bright, stand-out colors. Bright pink harkens memories of margaritas by the beach, beautiful summer maxi dresses, and white stone European cities that go fantastically with a bold color. Be yourself and shine with our passionate Neon Rosado!

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There are so many nail polish color trends to take note of this summer. Just because some plans are put on hold because of the pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t look at your absolute best! If you’re looking for nail polish online, call Roman Color at our Miami office today!

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