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The Shelf Life Of A Makeup Palette & Other Cosmetics

Millions of people around the USA use cosmetic products, including a makeup palette. These products contain specific formulas that give them a shelf life of up to 3 years. However, such products' shelf life widely depends on what ingredients are used and how it’s stored. To use the makeup to its fullest, here are some quick tips shared by the experts of Roman Color Cosmetics.

Avoid Sharing Your Makeup Palette And Mascara

Everyone loves mascara and eye makeup because it completes the look for everyone. However, nobody wants an eye infection. To avoid them, it is highly recommended that you keep the makeup closed when you are not using them. This way, your products won't have any bacteria growing in them.

It’s extremely important to not share makeup. We all come across situations where we don't have our mascara, or we want to try our friend’s new beauty product. So, what do we do? We use products that are either unfamiliar to our skin or used by others. Swapping products is giving an invitation to germs and other skin problems. Therefore, avoid doing it at all costs. The same thing must be kept in mind when you buy makeup online. Never accept anything if it is not packed correctly.

At many cosmetic stores, there are "testers" placed for visitors to try. These are more contaminated than the ones you will find at someone's home. We all want to try those new products before buying them, in case they are not for us. Avoid doing this, and always try a new sample with a new and unused applicator (fresh cotton swab). Remember this, even if you want to buy makeup online.

Always Keep your Brushes Clean

It’s easy to get set in a daily routine of doing your makeup and then putting your makeup away. Oftentimes, people forget to clean their brushes. Some people might even think that their brushes don't look dirty, so why wash them? The oil, bacteria, and dirt present on an unwashed brush can harm your skin and cause irritation. You can avoid all of this by merely washing your brushes regularly in hot water with a cleansing shampoo or a makeup brush cleaner. Using baby shampoo is highly recommended.

Natural Cosmetic Products

Products that have ingredients driven from plants are more likely to have a short shelf life because they are more conducive due to the growth of microbes. Once they come in contact with oxygen, they begin to degrade immediately due to the chemical reaction. 

Both consumers and manufacturers must consider this increased risk of contamination. This is mainly a matter of concern for products that either have no preservatives or some non-traditional preservatives. Always keep the expiration date in check when you buy makeup online, as keeping the product beyond its shelf-life will increase the risk of infection.

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