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What Makeup Order Should You Follow When Applying Makeup?

Looking at the array of products at your vanity table, or bathroom counter, can be daunting. What order are they supposed to go in again? Do I do foundation or cream? Which brush is that for again? Can I use my fingers? While you pick up a product and look at the label, it only tells you how to apply it, not which order it goes in.

Makeup order can be tricky, but Roman Color is here to help with these great tips for Miami, and which order it’s supposed to go in. While opinions differ, here is a great guide to help you get started.

Makeup Order for Skincare

If you’re tired to stresing over when to apply concealer or foundation, we’re here for you. First, let’s start with skincare.

  • Skincare

In order to put anything on your face, you have to prep your skin. While the advice seems repetitive, it’s legitimate. This will help your skin appear glowy, as well as letting the makeup adhere better to your skin. 

Start with a hydrating eye cream and a good lip balm. An oil-free version or hydrating primer if you have oily skin, or a creamier moisturizer if you have dry skin. Be sure to add sunscreen after applying a moisturizer to help protect your skin.

  • Primer

This is optional, as it falls with skincare routine, but oil-reducing qualities will help your skin appear luminous and hydrated.

  • Eyes and Eyebrows

This rule isn’t set in stone, but for completing these will help the complexion of products. For example, you can clean under the eyes without disrupting the concealer or foundation. This routine also eliminates the mess of mascara smudges, fallout, or other products. This will help you fix any mistakes before applying anything else. 

  • Foundation

Now you can blend the overall complexion and the finish really comes into play now. 

  • Concealer

You might be surprised how much your  foundation can layer and cover without using a concealer. However, this is mostly used for under the eyes, redness, or to hide blemishes.

  • Bronzer, Blush, or Highlighter

Now the skin is evened out with complexion products, now you can add a pop of color to your cheeks and add some shimmer to the high points of your face, as well as tone with bronzer.

  • Lips

If you’re wearing gloss, apply some powder and a setting spray first. Depending on the type of look you’re creating, plan ahead with what color you want and use your routine to match that instead.

How Long Does it Last?

Using setting spray will keep your makeup on all day and last longer.If it’s humid, makeup will usually last for a 12 hour period, so use some spray to help keep it sealed. Use these eight steps to perfect your look!

Choose Roman Color For Your Needs

With Roman Color, we provide your makeup order with face products, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye products, nails, and more. Use our products to get your perfected look today in Miami!

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