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Top 5 Makeup Looks That Are Trending This Summer!

Some of the prettiest, easy-to-copy makeup looks kick off in the summer, with everybody out soaking up the sun and rocking amazing fashions. Think about last summer’s glossy skin and feathered brows, which are still in full effect! So no matter what your summer looks like, read on to learn more about some amazing summer makeup looks that you don’t want to miss. We promise that these makeup looks are just as fun to look at as they are to try! Roman Color is a top wholesale makeup provider based in Puerto Rico offering high-quality, beautifully pigmented lipsticks, blush, powders, eye shadow, nail polish, and more. With more than 30 years in the market, we are a time-tested brand that has a reputation for quality. Call Roman Color to find out more today!

Summer Makeup Looks To Try

  • Neutral basics- A lot of people are spending most of their time at home thanks to COVID-19. If you’re not leaving  your house for most of summer 2020 but you still want to look somewhat put together for those Zoom meetings and virtual happy hours, then this easy makeup trend is for you. All that you’ll need is a dewy skin tint, a lightweight brow gel, a black or brown mascara, and a warm blush (tinted lip balm and brown eyeliner are great too!). The combination will have you looking fresh and glowy in just five minutes!
  • Pastel lids- Even if summer 2020 isn’t panning quite like it’s supposed to, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to retire your eyeshadow palettes until further notice. Pastel lids like lavender, pink, or yellow are a fantastic way to spice up your everyday look. Just use your fingertips to tap on your favorite color and follow with some mascara.
  • Graphic eyeliner- Going full throttle with your makeup in the summer may feel a bit extra, with all the sweat and heat. That’s why everybody in the fashion industry is so obsessed with this simple and wearable trend for summer 2020. It’s all about thin, graphic lines, baby! And it pairs fantastically with a lightweight foundation and lip gloss. 

Tips From A Wholesale Makeup Provider

  • Hot pink lips- It’s time to set aside your trusty red lip (at least until fall hits). This summer it’s all about the bright, watermelon-pink lipstick that looks so delicious. With this trend, you need setting powder or spray, and you’ll get bonus points for splashing in some subtle pink accents throughout your look, such as eyeshadow and cheekbones.
  • Outer corner eyeliner- If graphic eyeliner is too much out of your comfort zone, you’ll really enjoy how subtle this summer 2020 makeup trend is. The only thing you’ll need is a black pencil eyeliner (choose something thick and smudgy!) to draw along your outer corners for a cool and modern cat eye.

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There are so many amazing makeup looks to choose from this summer! Roman Color is a top wholesale makeup provider based in Puerto Rico. Call Roman Color to find out more and order today!

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