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10 Best Makeup Ideas For Your Night Out!

No matter your plans for the evening, you most likely are looking for a new makeup idea for your next night out if you’ve stumbled upon this article. Roman Color Cosmetics, a wholesale cosmetics company serving Miami, has some new ideas to help you spice up your night-on-the-town look! Read on to discover our top 10 on-trend makeup ideas for your next night out! Choose one look or mix and match them to make them your own!

Add Some Glam With These Glitter Makeup Ideas! 

Glitter is all the rage this season, whether all-over or just a touch to spice things up. Try these looks to add some glitz to your glow!

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere! 

Try this all-over look with shimmery lids and a metallic lip. We suggest Poderosa lipstick from Roman Color Cosmetics, a Miami wholesale cosmetics company.

A Dash of Sparkle 

Are you looking for something a little more understated? Try this look with just a touch of shimmer at the edge of your lids to glam it up, soft rock style! We used the Serenidad palette for our look.

Boring Liner? Make It Graphic!

Want to make a bold statement? Try these graphic liner looks for a pop-art touch in your next look!

Need A Distraction? Try Abstraction! 

This liner look is sure to cause a stir! Apply your eyeliner to your eye crease in an abstract design to pop next to your contemporaries. Try the Ilusion palette from Roman Color Cosmetics to add some understated color to this look.

Make That Color Pop! 

Using shadow as a liner to get a pop of color is a tried and true trick, but this look takes it to the next level. Line your lashes and your crease with a fun color to turn heads. We suggest the Coqueteo palette for some fun color ideas.

Keeping It Classic? Go Red For Your Lips 

Sometimes a time-honored look is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a modern twist on it! Try these updated red lip looks for a classy look.

Good-Enough-To-Eat Raspberry 

Try this update on a classic look with a more raspberry-toned lipstick applied boldly. Our favorite for this look is Peligrosa lipstick.

Lighten Up In Lustre 

Are you looking for a fun, faded look? Try this lip, which combines red lipstick with a glossy overlay to tone down the boldness and turn up the glam! We used our favorite red stick with Amorosa gloss.

Try A Healthy Peachy Glow! 

Want to stand out from the crowd? Turn up the lights with a touch of something peachy in these trendy makeup looks!

Get Cheeky: Go Peachy! 

Get a healthy glow with this blusher look. Apply a vibrant glowy peach shade to the apples of your cheeks and light up the room! For this look, we used Albaricoque blush.

Need Refreshment? Go Juicy Peachy With Your Lippy!

This glossy peachy lip look will have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Lay it on thick with Agridulce lip gloss from Roman Color Cosmetics.

Smolder In A Smoky Eye!

Light a fire with these new twists on a fan favorite. Just a bit of smoke or a full blaze, you decide.

Don’t Get Burned! Watch Out For This Kitty Cat Eye! 

Combine two classic looks with this shadow style! Apply your smoky shadow in a cat-eye shape, and you’re sure to turn heads. Go with the Noches Blanca palette from Roman Color Cosmetics to get this look on point.

Go Beyond Bronze!

Looking for something glam, yet fierce? Go with this bronzed smoky eye, and all eyes will be on you! We used the Terruño palette from Roman Color Cosmetics to achieve this look.

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