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Product Spotlight: Cream Finish, Long Lasting Nail Polish

Are you searching for high-end nail polish that lasts a long time? Roman Color has just the nail polish for you! Our nail polish is by far the best in Puerto Rico because it has so many benefits that regular nail polish does not. Not only do we have unique colors, so you are sure to find something that matches your style perfectly, but our nail polish is very high-quality. It comes in a nine-point five-milliliter bottle, which is equivalent to zero point thirty-two fluid ounces, so you are receiving a fair amount of product in one bottle. What makes our nail polish stand out from others is that it is guaranteed to dry fast, so you do not have to wait many minutes to use your hands after you paint your nails. It also has a very glossy finish, so you do not always have to apply a topcoat. Importantly, it is a long lasting nail polish so that it will stay on your nails for over a week. The polish is also effortless to paint because the brush that it comes with is very flat and will cover your entire nail. We have received fantastic feedback from people who have tried our nail polish and wholesale makeup, and we hope you try it too.

How To Apply Our Long Lasting Nail Polish

We want you to be fully informed about our nail polish, which includes how to properly apply it so that you truly receive the benefits that we claim it has. First, it’s essential to prepare your nails before slapping a coat of polish on top. We recommend that you file, buff, and clip your nails to your desired shape well. We recommend cleaning them using nail polish remover, so there is no dirt or oil on top. Second, you do not want your cuticles to get in the way, so use a tool and gently push them away from your nail. We recommend that you use a moisturizer so your hands do not dry out in the process. Third, it’s always a good idea to use a clear coat before adding color, so it adheres to something. After you apply the paint, wait for it to dry, then apply another coat on top. You will only have to wait two minutes for it to dry! Your nails will never look better once you use our topcoat because its results and our wholesale makeup will indeed be optimal.


Many people are curious about the ingredients of our nail polish, considering that it works so well. The top three elements are Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, and Nitrocellulose. It even has a paste made of iron oxide, and it even contains gel, glitters, and pearls. We do not mess around when it comes to the quality and color of our nail polish or wholesale makeup.

The Best On The Market 

Once you decide that you want to purchase the best nail polish on the market, we hope you try out hours. We offer a formula for seven days, and it is entirely free! Our polish also does not contain any harmful chemicals such as Xylene, Camphor, or Toluene. It is also made and produced in the United States, and it is not tested on animals.

Contact Us 

Roman Color offers the best long lasting nail polish you can buy. We love sharing information about our nail polish because people have seen excellent results from it. Make sure you call or visit us today in Puerto Rico for more information about our nail polish and other products.
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