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The Hottest Lipstick Looks Trending in 2020!

Although 2020 has been full of surprises, you can always count on these trending lipstick looks to give you an escape from it all. Whether you buy makeup online or in Miami stores, Roman Color Cosmetics is here to help you pick a new lipstick look for your next night out (or in!). Whether you are ready to hit the town or just giving your friends a makeover, Try these looks for a dramatic change or a new twist on an old classic. 

Classic Red Lipstick Looks 

One sure-fire way to ensure you turn heads in your next selfie is to go with a tried-and-true red lip. Here, we applied our lipstick in Peligrosa to achieve a deeper twist on an old classic. To pull this one off, pair with your most elegant fit, or dress it down with jeans and a blouse. Either way, this red lip will be the focal point of your next look, whether you are out on the town or filming for your vlog.

All That Glitters Can Be Gold 

Although classics are perfect for some nights, mixing it up a bit can be fun. Try this glitzy lip look to turn up the glam when you need a dramatic effect. In this look, we used our lipstick in Poderosa, applying the product densely to get that full glitter power. If you buy makeup online, this lipstick will have you sparkling on your next date night. Paired with a leather jacket, dark skinny jeans, and a nautical striped top, you’ll have your date saying, “Oui!”

A Pop Of Coral

Are you looking for a little more color? This lipstick will give you that pop art mermaid feel. A neon coral lipstick applied just so will have your lips looking luscious. For this one, we used our lipstick in Exótica to get that under-the-sea glow. Pair with your favorite sundress and some heels and you are ready for your next pool party or beach foray. Try this look, and you are sure to turn heads and have your friends asking for a lippy recommendation. 

Think Pink! 

Tried and true, a pink lip can give you the delicate look some occasions require. However, turn up the neon, and you have a look sure to turn heads at any event. Here we applied our lipstick in Atrevida to go bright and bold. This lippy pairs well with almost any outfit in matching tones, but we suggest your favorite metallic gown. Soon you’ll be looking pretty as a plum and stopping hearts with only a glance. Just ask Barbie. She’ll tell you it goes with anything!

Au Natural 

Sometimes what is called for is a natural look. This lip is a perfect everyday style to become your go-to. We used our lipstick in Imaginario to bring out the natural features in this style. Pair with jeans and a tee or your favorite tea dress to get this look just right. 

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