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Eyeshadow Colors That Work Best For A Natural Look!

Natural-looking eye makeup is always in style. This summer, let your makeup look do the talking by just rocking the bare necessities. It’s time to highlight your features with eyeshadow colors such as gray, taupe, gold, brown, olive, burnt orange, and nude eye shadow shades, and embrace a natural makeup look that is both classic and trendy. Read on to learn more tips about natural eye makeup looks. Roman Color is a top makeup wholesaler with offices in Miami. Call Roman Color for your affordable makeup needs today! 

Eyeshadow Colors For A Natural Look

Are you ready to put on a summery, au naturel eye makeup look? Here we discuss how to put on an awesome natural eyeshadow look that is simple and easy. How you should apply eyeshadow for a natural look all depends on your individual skin tone. Here are three separate natural eyeshadow looks to try based on what skin tone you have:

  • Natural eye makeup for light skin:
    • Apply eye primer- Eye primer is crucial for any eye makeup look to help create an even canvas for your eye shadow application and help it stay on for a longer period of time. 
    • Apply taupe eyeshadow- You should already have a natural eyeshadow palette, such as our Tarruno eyeshadow trio. Swipe the light to medium brown from your lash line up to your crease in order to add the faintest wash of color to your lids. This is supposed to add just enough natural-looking color, so you don’t want to extend either eye shadow beyond the upper edge of your crease. Moreover, you don’t want to apply eyeshadow too heavily in order to avoid a harsh line.
    • Add dimension for bright eyes- Apply the lightest shade from the palette with a tapered blending brush so that it won’t stray all over your lid.
    • Shape eyes with eyeliner- Rather than drawing a harsh black line, apply some brown eyeliner close to your upper lash line and leave the lower lash line bare
    • Finish with mascara- Try brown for naturally full lashes
  • Natural eye makeup for medium skin
    • Start with eye primer
    • Apply olive eye shadow- A soft, shimmery olive color looks gorgeous when paired with medium skin. You can check out our Ilusion eyeshadow trio
    • Line your upper lash line in olive
    • Line your lower lashline in gold
    • Finish with mascara- With darker skin, black mascara can look natural while adding volume.

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  • Natural eye makeup for deep skin
    • Prime those lids- ALWAYS!
    • Apply a burnt orange eyeshadow- Darker lids look fantastic with rich brick colors, such as from our Ilusion or Serenidad trios. Confine the eye shadow of your choice to lids and blend any  harsh lines between your lid and crease!
    • Create dimension- Use a tapered blending brush to put on a light brown eyeshadow to the center of your lids
    • Line your lids- Try black liquid liner and a natural, thin line!
    • Finish with mascara

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Try our tips on eyeshadow colors to suit your natural skin tone. Roman Color is a wholesale makeup provider providing high quality, affordable makeup with offices in Puerto Rico and Miami. Call Roman Color to find out more today!

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