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Experimenting with new makeup products can be fun, but learning how to apply the makeup you already have is the best way to improve your beauty routine. Instead of experimenting with makeup products and potentially misusing them, we recommend focusing on those wholesale cosmetics you already use as part of your everyday makeup routine. Your local cosmetic store in the Miami / Puerto Rico area can help you replace your outdated makeup. But don't waste time experimenting with unfamiliar products; first, follow these tips by Roman Color to breathe some life into your makeup and highlight your natural beauty.

A Good Foundation For Everyday Makeup

Enhance your natural beauty by following the contours, tones, and shades already on your bare face. While the tone of your foundation should perfectly match the tone of your cheek, the tone of your under-eye concealer should be just two shades lighter. If you lighten beneath your eyes too much, you'll draw attention to the bags under your eyes; however, without lightening this area, you may appear tired. Similarly, you should contrast your bronzer and concealer only subtly. Makeup should bring attention to you – not to your makeup. 

Another easy way to breathe life into your everyday face is to use blush on the apples of your cheeks. Your local wholesale cosmetics store can help you find the shade that best compliments your skin tone and gives you a naturally fresh, youthful radiance.

Everyday, Not Evening, Eyes

You may enjoy wearing dark eyeshadow such as the smokey eye look, but we recommend reserving such bold looks for a special night out. For everyday eyes, try neutral eye shades such as taupe, nude, or a muted pink such as light corral. Take note of the natural pigmentation of your eyelids; choose an eyeshadow that enhances your natural tone. Always follow up your eye shadow with a black or brown mascara. Lengthening your lashes is the surest way to enhance your feminine beauty; don't skip this easy yet essential step! We recommend steering clear of false lashes since they aren't good for your lash health, but if you can't resist, try reserving them for special occasions. 

Luscious But Low-key Lips

Finally, your everyday look isn't complete without a low-key lipstick. Your lipstick color should enhance, and not contrast, your natural lip pigment. For a nourishing boost, reach for a lipstick that moisturizes your lips with Vitamin E, keeping your lips both luscious and alluring. Avoid using a lip pencil since it is outdated and generally ineffective at enhancing your look. Remember, less is more for an everyday look; well-chosen shades and subtle application will go much farther than an overdone, outdated look.

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Simplifying your everyday makeup routine may require buying better products. Your local wholesale cosmetics store, serving the Miami / Puerto Rico areas, can help you update your look without breaking the bank. Contact us today; we can connect you with the best makeup products for a natural, everyday look.

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