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How To Clean Affordable Makeup Brushes to Make Them Last

Wondering how you can save some money with your daily makeup routine? Remember the last time you cleaned your brushes? Not only does cleaning your brushes keep them clear of all the oil, makeup buildup and debris that comes with regular use, it also helps make them last longer. The bristles in your brushes are very porous, leading to a lot of buildup and can lead to bacteria, which can make your face break out more often. Read on to get some great cleaning tips on your affordable makeup brushes. There’s also an online makeup store that ships throughout the US that you can get the latest and greatest makeup supplies to keep clean and fabulous!

Cleaning Your Makeup Supplies

For best results in keeping your makeup brush collection on point, aim on cleaning them once a week, or every other week (but no more than that!). You’ll also want to avoid washing them everyday or every other day as this can harm your brush bristles more than benefit them.

The first step is to hold your brush with the bristles downward. Wet the brush with lukewarm water and put a drop or two of your cleanser of choice into your palm. Gently massage the end of the bristles in the palm of your hand, avoiding the base of the makeup brush. Rinse the bristles and squeeze out any excess moisture. Reshape the brush and allow the bristles to dry horizontally, preferably hanging off the edge of a counter to ensure all the bristles are drying properly. Avoid drying them on a towel as the bristles can become mildewy since they can’t adequately air out.   

More Tips For Your Affordable Makeup Brushes

Getting any water or soap into the base where the bristles are attached may cause the glue to disintegrate or for the bristles to get loose and fall out. Try to keep your washing focused on just the end of your brush bristles to avoid getting water or soap further up towards the handle.  

The type of cleanser you use depends on your preference. Most regular soaps are going to be too harsh for your makeup brushes, though, so avoid using these to avoid going back to the online makeup stores for brushes sooner than you planned. There is a variety of specific cleansers out there just for your makeup brushes, which is always a safe bet since they’re formulated for the bristles themselves. 

You can also use really gentle soaps like baby shampoo or even your face wash to clean your brushes. Most facial washes are formulated to be gentle on your skin, and it’s the same area that you’re applying your makeup, thus it is also a safe choice. Some beauty specialists even recommend some all-natural dish soaps for cleansing your brush bristles. 

There are also some alternatives to washing your brushes, which involves using a sponge-like tool or plastic glove-like tool to clean them. It doesn’t require soap or water, but then could be an extra expense to get if you’re looking to save time and money on your makeup supplies. 

And lastly, there is no set time for when to fully replace your brushes; a lot can depend on how often you’re using them and if you’re keeping up with their weekly washings. But if you notice the bristles starting to fray, shed or lose their shape, it’s a good sign that it’s time for a new set of brushes. Remember that your perfect look is only as good as your beauty supplies!

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